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BIG Webinars series

We are pleased to announce the start of the Big Data Webinar series and invite you to actively participate and help shape Europe's Big Data Agenda.

The Big Data Webinars aims to spur discussions around the findings of the technical working groups and sectorial forums of the Big Data Public Private Forum project: The technical white papers, sector’s requisites as well as the sectorial and cross-sectorial roadmaps.

We actively seek contributions and feedback from all stakeholders in their respective technical areas of the Big data value chain and their respective industrial sectors to help draft roadmaps for the European Big Data Community to align supply and demand, as a way of increasing competitiveness of European industries.

What to expect

The leader of the technical working group will give a short (max 15min) presentation on the main findings of the Data Acquisition working group. This presentation will be followed by an open and interactive discussion of all participants. We encourage you to participate as we seek your feedback to further develop the first draft white papers. Your contribution will directly influence Europe’s Big Data roadmaps.

Who should join

The Webinar is open to the public free of charge. It is tailored for professionals and technologists working in the area of Big Data, who are interested to learn more about and share their expertise on Data Acquisition.

How to join

The Big Data Webinars will be held using Google Hangouts on Air. Please join the Webinar by following this link:

1st round: discussing the first drafts of technical whitepapers and sectorial requisites and Sector's Roadmap.




Date 16:00 CET WG/SF Presenter
21.11.2013 Data Acquisition Axel Ngonga
05.11.2013 Data Analysis John Domingue
19.12.2013 Data Curation Ed Curry
30.01.2014 Data Storage Martin Strohbach
to be announcenced Data Usage Tilman Becker
to be announcenced Finance & Insurance Sectors Pedro Soria
to be announcenced Health Sector Sonja Zillner
to be announcenced Manufacturing, Retail, Energy & Transport Sectors Sebnem Rusitschka, Tilman Becker, Ralf Jung
to be announcenced Public Sector Ricard Munné
to be announcenced Telco, Media & Entertainment Sectors Felicia Lobillo, Helen Lippell


2nd round: discussing the final versions of technical whitepapers and sectorial requisites and the cross-sectorial roadmap. The schedule will be announced by December 2013.



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